Super X1, a model of Superfan, is one of the world’s lowest power consuming ceiling fans that consumes less than half the electricity compared to the normal ceiling fan while delivering the same or more amount of air. Super X1 does not use troublesome regulators and comes with a sleek and not easily breakable remote to control its speed. An LED indicator in the middle of Super X1 will respond to every command received from the remote and also act as a switch-off remainder when the fan is stopped using remote.The speeds are precise and stable even when the supply voltage varies, even at as low as 140V or as high as 300V. It is built to last for a long time with double ball bearings, powder coated aluminium body and blades, and protections from over voltage & over load. It works twice longer on UPS/Inverters without any extra noise. It has been manufactured as a green product using ROHS electronics, VOC free paint and a recyclable packing that’s free of polythene bags & thermocole. Superfan has been created to save the precious energy and thereby environment and it is achieved without sacrificing the comfort while adding superior user-friendly functions and style at affordable cost.

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