Background of development
-Small-scaled personal fan based on very high temperature of office and studying space due to interior temperature’s regulation(26 degrees) of Korea and Japan, countries of insufficient electricity .
-Spatial efficiency is maximized by using tongs on the desk or in office patrician.
-A concept of products based on user’s experiences, which can be controlled in user’s desirable direction by upward-downward and right-left angle controlling.

Intention of design
-User experience based design on the basis on using behavior in interior environment such as office, studying space, etc.
-Main users are test-takers, office workers and 1,2 members family and user’s experiences were observed and analyzed in their life.
-Personal fans can be used by attaching them to desk, office partition, powder desk, etc.

Main characteristics
-Eco-friendly design of low electricity(1W) / low noise(36dB), No Painting and No Ink
-Structure of aerodynamic grill with good straightness of wind (Patent No. : 10-2014-0043383)
-98% recycled materials and structure
-Possible to control desirable angle by attaching exclusive tongs to the desk or office partition

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