Oskar Big by Stadler Form was developed with the aim of producing a powerful and quiet humidifier with low power consumption in an appealing design. Swiss designer Matti Walker has created a timeless, elegant design with harmonious lines. Oscar Big is an economic evaporator, which with its integrated hygrostat allows precise humidification. Thanks to its innovative V4 filter technology it distributes a lot of moisture in the air, making it the ideal choice for rooms up to 65 m2. The automatic shut-off when the tank is empty and the reminder to change the filters are unique in this class and, in addition, reduce power consumption by avoiding idling. The quiet fan and dimmable LEDs make it possible to use Oskar Big in the bedroom. Operation focuses on ease of use – the three buttons are integrated perfectly into the product form and it can easily be filled using a watering can, even when the power is on. An additional benefit is the oil container with which a scent of your choice can be distributed in the air.

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