Non-wind-sense AC is a functional visual product that integrates functions and styling.
The ordinary air conditioner only depends on the wind deflector to control the wind direction, the range of adjustment is limited, and the adjustment effect is not ideal. Although the special mode avoids the wind blowing, it also reduces the air volume and reduces the working efficiency of the air conditioner.
Non-wind-sense AC is controlled by the wind deflector and shelter plate, so that the user can freely choose to be blown by the wind or not. According to their location, users can control the shelter plate to change wind and wind area by remote.
For example, if you feel the temperature is high, and fear of straight wind will lead to a cold, you can adjust the angle of the shelter plate to block the cold air, to ensure that the room quickly cooling, and you will not be blown straight. It’s very suitable for families with children or old people.
In terms of product form, it uses the simple round shape of the runway, the entire panel and backsliding vents to ensure the integrity of the product.
In the material respect, the texture and the texture of cotton and linen show the household o

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