It’s a kind of wall-mounted air conditioner with ultrahigh energy efficiency. Unlike traditional design, it uses the brand new streamline feature. With the fan blade which is 1.4 times bigger than the traditional one and through the innovative air duct design, it changes product proportion and constitutes the special product feature. Evaporator of this product adopts a brand new design. Under the condition of same area, it changes the distribution method of U-shaped copper tube, increase heat transfer area and enhance energy efficiency ratio, reaching the Grade-I energy efficiency of 5.5.The micropore and waved grille design of the top increases air inlet area and lowers the noise to 16db at a minimum. The maximum cooling capacity during cooling is 5,600W to form cooling from the top down. It will not supply air to people directly within 3.5M, realizing wind-free feeling inside the room and providing cool and comfortable user experience.The maximum heating capacity during heating is 9,300W to form heating from the bottom up. Air flow adherence effect during heating is quite obvious, no dead corner with all-round warmth surrounded, providing meticulous care for you.

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