This product is an air purifier that generates oxygen installed in public places(school classrooms, hospitals, etc.).
This air purifier is supplied to Korea PPS(Public Procurement Service). It should be satisfied with various regulations(stability, energy efficiency, etc.), and important factors such as air cleaning function according to space area should be solved by design.
This product should be designed with the following contents.
1.Strength and stability (because it is used by the general public)
2.Internal mounting structure of triple filter
3.Low production cost
4) Maximum air outlet area (in terms of efficiency)
* Design Concept
1) Material / Making aspect: The bottom part is made of sheet metal working (material: stainless steel) and the upper part is made of some injection mold (material: plastic) for the robustness and low cost of manufacturing according to installation in public places.
2) Formative aspect: It was designed with minimum bending according to the sheet metal manufacturing method, and the air outlet was made into four sides (front, left side, right side, top side) in the shape of the star shape to realize the efficient side as much as possible.

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