This is a fan designed for living room. As the result of our consumer research, we found a headache demand. Sometimes they want it to blow farther and sometimes wider. The “2 circles” front guard and the “tornado motor” work very well for the demands.
The inner circle part on the guard makes the center pressure higher and helps the wind go farther to 10 meters. The out circle makes the wind wider. And it’s our new PI by function.
“Tornado motor” is really a nice creation. There is a 5 degree angle between the motor axis and the axis of the head. When it’s working, the motor body is rotating by this angle around the head center. This motion make the wind goes forward like a tornado. And you will feel it like a real nature wind.
We tried to make the body looks modern simple and unique by the 3D geometry element. We put the display and buttons on the same piece. And the mirror touch panel will give you easy and happy experience.

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