The Katherm QK nano is a highly reduced unit dimensions for Maximal use of the floor space. The height of the unit is only 70 mm, the trench width 165 mm. The application area of Katherm QK nano is in front of large glazed Windows for effective screening of cold air. The Advantage: a clear view and a feel-good temperature in front of full height Windows.

Katherm QK nano is for all areas of buildings with limited floor build-up for trench heating solutions in which effective heating and cold air screening are required. It’s ideal for residential and office buildings as well as hotels.

Further advantages at a glance

1. new filigree grilles: FineLine Q (orthogonal grille) and FineLine L (linear grille)

2. for a perfect look: the matching frame trim for every FineLine grille

3. one trench width, three control options, five trench lengths each

4. lengths that are not available can be created with individual tailor-made units.

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