José Tronco air purifier outlines a minimalist rounded rectangle, purifying not only the air but also the form factor design itself. All edges are gentle and rounded so that kids and elders can live with it safely. All basic functions can be controlled via a simple mode switch, and all insides can be accessed via an easy-to-open magnet back cover. Motion sensors are integrated creatively, so that the air purifying process will pause automatically once the back cover is removed. Semi-concealed wheels are placed deliberately so that users of all age can move the machine at ease. The whole machine is responsibly sourced and manufactured with no use of surface spraying or any hazardous matter.
Laser dust sensors were integrated to accurately determine the status of PM2.5 and adjust operating power intelligently. Light sensors were deployed to automatically adjust the brightness of indicator lights and the display. Gravity sensors and accelerometers were utilized to pause the air purifying process automatically once the machine is leaned for more than 30 degrees.To ensure an even better user experience, we also developed controller apps for iOS and Android users.

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