It is the first successful combination of air purifier and ultrasonic humidifier. Its powerful and wide-scoped spray sends moisture into the air faster than conventional naturally humidifying air purifiers. Its large humidifying capacity keeps the air moist and fresh for 24 hours.
Humidification and hygiene are the two major design priorities. Unlike conventional devices that do not allow full disassembly for cleaning, all its compartments that water passes through including water tank, flow paths and pipes can be easily taken apart for cleaning to ensure more hygienic use. It has adopted ion-exchange resin filters to prevent internal water contamination, which achieves safer and cleaner humidification.
The voluminous water vapor emitting out of the device is a visual demonstration of its reliable performance and naturally soothing and pleasing to watch. Water refill is convenient because the water tank does not have to be separated from the body for a refill.
It captures 99.9% of 0.3 micron, ultra-fine dust along with every single particle of smog, volatile pollutants, and odors
The first-Korean made filter whose quality has been acknowledged by Filtech Laboratories in Switzer

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