Unlike the traditional dehumidifiers, the design of the T28A will bring users a new experience, the design idea of reincarnation from nature, keep the product simple structure, but has good operability.
T28A is a new generation 28 liters DC inverter dehumidifier, can quickly achieve the desired humidity dependent it can automatically change its frequency according to the different relative humidity, so as to save energy and lower noise, creating a comfortable and energy-saving lifestyle for the user.
The success of T28A, nothing like the other dehumidifiers, thanks to its latest and special design, thoughtful special 13°angle design of control panel, prefect craft and DC inverter technology. Laundry drying, air purifying and sleeping mode are designed to perfectly meet the different users’ needs. Built-in ionizer combines with the HEPA FILTER PLUS CARBON FILTER to bring fresher and cleaner air for your home.
Enviroment protection, energy saving, technology, are the main design themes of this dehumidifier.

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