This commercial reverse-osmosis water purifier is quick in water outlet. The water outlet in an hour can reach 72%. One purifier can meet the demand of 200 persons for drinking water in a day.The seven layers of refined filter provide purified water that can be directly drunk.The purifier body uses sheet metal NC machining and black abrasive spraying process so that the appearance is simple and rigid and easy to clean. The side uses the large bevel angle design so that the body seems slim.This water purifier is powerful in functions. The filter element does not need to be frequently replaced. The handle is not used often so the handle decoration is improved. The process of high-grade aluminum sand blasting with highlighted edge is adopted to pursue perfect product quality. Small details show the world.The decoration strip of aluminum sand blasting with highlighted edge provides the function of a handle and decorates the purifier.Seven layers of refined filter effectively remove bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals, and filter out fresh and pure water that is not only safe to drink but also sweet in taste, bringing quality life enjoyment.Automatic operation and unattended management

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