ATMOblue, a portable and smart air purifier that blocks 99.97% of air particle matter, protects humanity from increasing air pollution levels.Our contemporary design is shaped to match the form of our faces. Through our rapid prototyping and user testing, we learned how to best minimize design without sacrificing on filtration or technology (Custom PCB, batt., fans, air ducts). To maximize product lifetime, we made replacing filters an easy process with simple snap on/off magnetized casing. Skins, straps and cases are also customizable making it attractive for brands and fashion designers.2 built-in fans, efficiently pump up to 80 liters of purified air reducing air volume loss ensuring sufficient air supply for adults.To provide convenience and comfort, we designed our sliding single strap channel to effectively fit our seal to the face allowing optimal positioning around the head. Experience full range of motion during all outdoor recreation and exercise.Paired with our mobile app, users can experience personalized air flow, monitor the lifecycle of their filters, and view the week pollution forecast using our patented machine learning algorithms.ATMOblue – Pure a air everywhere.

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