ATHOME is a home ventilation system. With micro-positive pressure ventilators, it performs at the speed of 400m³/h.
The soft sense of its felt surface makes it easily integrated into the environment. With split-type PM2.5 detectors, users can place the ventilators arbitrarily, control remotely and check the state and effect of them easily.The tower structure makes the filtered air form an annular passage and accelerate the air disturbance for thorough purification. The six-layer filter meshes filter the ultrafine particles as small as PM0.3. The fully purified outdoor air squeezes the polluted indoor air out through doors and windows gaps and exhaust ducts. Even though it’s heavy haze outdoor and closed windows indoor, ATHOME provides clean air uninterrupted. Its purification effect is 5 to 7 times of the traditional ones. The efficiency is greatly promoted.
With top electrical auxiliary heating technique, ATHOME controls the temperature automatically and keeps warm constantly. The new PTC AIO structure is safe in fast heating and radiating.With German ZIEHL-ABEGG and self-designed Airflow-Level System™, ATHOME is noiseless in performance. The upgraded drivers are energy-efficien

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