This is Daikin’s second representative to introduce its completely redefined design strategy for the heating products‘ portfolio. This high efficient Heat Pump with low energy compressor shapes Daikin’s vision of home climate in function, form and user perception.
The GUI was complete revised to make the interaction with the devices as simple as possible which makes it easy for the user to adjust the settings to optimal comfort and efficiency. The Brand-characteristic DAIKIN Eye indicates clearly if the device is turned on or in standby mode or if a malfunction occurred. It is found in the Daikin App and with other products as well.
The design and measurement considers the architectural context by its ability to be perfectly integrated in Kitchens or Bathrooms.
While the extremely efficient heat pump is a very sustainable system to generate heat. The product itself is of very high quality and long lasting and made of materials which are easy to recycle to have a positive environmental impact.

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