The appearance of A8 air purifier adopts a minimalist, pragmatic design style that emphasizes its integration with home and „feel-free“ experience with the surroundings. The ideal product size, soft neutral design to increase product affinity, gray color to create a home-oriented sense of science and technology. It uses a step-by-step twin-turbo and optimizes the Archimedes spiral duct design to provide a more stable air-out and higher cleaning efficiency; 21 noise reduction components have been added to the compact product structure to enhance dynamic balancing, to achieve an unprecedented noise control effect. Purifier also has a light-sensitive screen (which will automatically turn off when it is in low light environment, to avoid light pollution), child lock, hidden wheel (easy to move), power-off protection and other outstanding features, through APP you can see filter use condition and air quality for remote intelligent control at any time.

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