Simple and powerful, that’s how we define PHICOMM A1 air purifier. The product is able to clean most of the harmful substances in the air ( formaldehyde/ PM2.5/ dust ) efficiently by using the best HEPA and active carbon filters. The CADR can be reached at 350m3/h for PM2.5 and 70m3/h for TVOC and the machine works in a silent way with only 64dB(A).
The design focuses on simplicity. Inspired by the purity and elegancy of YULONG snow mountain located in Yunnan, China, the form delivers this unique design language by using a seamless sleeve as the main frame, coming into a complete shape and working as the duct for air flue. The 6 degree slopping surface on top not only helps the air circulation in the room in a more efficient way, but also provides a better user experience for controlling the product by a single touch or slide.
On the other hand, when it’s connected with PHICOMM AM1 air quality detector, the circled LED lens on top can give some general information by 3 different colors ( Green means good, orange means bad and red means terrible ), thus user can get the air quality information more conveniently.

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