Hisense 360 Rolling Air Conditioner is the world’s first air conditioner that can blow the air into different direction. Through the rotating air out, it achieves cooling and heating a large space rapidly; it also solves the problem of uneven cooling or heating for the room. Through the infrared array sensor and gear transmission mechanism, the air conditioner can quickly set the wind direction to the desired angle. With the infrared array sensor and the touch control ring, users can set the air direction avoiding or targeting people; this smart function allows the air blows into different direction which brings more comfort to users and also decrease the chance of getting air-condition disease. Moreover, 360 Rolling Air conditioner is also the first model that achieve humidification function which will be very helpful for dry regions. From design aspect, Hisense 360 Rolling Air conditioner is split up and down by using golden ratio, it can be a piece of art which decorate living room even when it is turned off.

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