The new Harpic toilet bowl cleaner provides a harmonious balance between cutting edge ergonomics, and classical appeal. The angular contours and dynamic lines of the packaging, communicate the boldness and strength of the product, however they also have functional importance as they allow the product to sit comfortably in the users’ hand for an effortless user experience. These shapes however, are minimalistic. This ensures that despite the bottle possessing its own unique stylish and eye catching appeal, it can still suit its place on the supermarket shelf, and doesn’t stray too far from the staple aesthetic of products in the market at large. The graphic elements of the design have been redesigned in harmony with the new shape, allowing the two to support one another. The brandmark works in tandem with the curve of the bottle to convey efficacy, while the contoured central waist of the structure draws the eye to each variant’s key benefit, allowing the shopper to easily navigate the range. The graphics are designed to convey the product action and with off-pack animation in mind, creating a powerful brand identity with global appeal, that is effective across all touchpoints.

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