Mijia toolbox is to provide users a more secure home tool suite. The box design innovates boldly from the shape, material and texture. First, the shape is more in line with the family style – simple, compact and with soft touch sense. It has only a A4 paper size, but with seven tools in such a compact space.Second,the outer material uses ABS, discarding the PP which is poor in shaping, so that the overall quality of the box is even more outstanding and durable.
All hardware handles are using two-color injection molding process, coated with a layer of rubber material, so that the grasping becomes soft but steady.The hammer creates the double hammer design – carbon steel head is used to knock nails and other metal objects;PU head can easily complete such as leveling the floor and assembling furniture, which makes the knocking things become soft and well protect the delicate surface.The screwdriver is with a ratchet mechanical design, allowing users to tighten the screw more convenient and in an ease. As well as the knife and tape,desigers pay much attention on the pull out and take back process in order to provide protect to users especially to children in the home.

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