Made to be a smart charger with the highest charging speed, the SC4 can charge most types of batteries with current up to 3A in one slot and 6A in total, reducing charging time immensely. With intelligent features, it detects battery type and capacity upon battery installation, and adopts an ideal charging mode accordingly. A high definition LCD screen with Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment (MVA) technology shows detailed real-time charging parameters during charging process, including charging voltage, time, battery internal resistance, battery type and charging mode etc. Built-in safety mechanisms protect against overcharge, short circuit or battery reversal to ensure safety during use. It can also restore over discharged IMR batteries and activate over discharged protected Li-ion batteries. Integrated PID (Proportion Integration Differentiation) system together with an array of cooling fins engineered to automatically control temperature within a safety limit. A USB output port refills external devices such as tablets and smartphones. Tested by international standards and insured globally, the SC4aims to offer the highest level of efficiency and safety to its users.

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