The R210CMS is accessible & affordable from two stand points. It appeals to the hobbyist user looking to buy for the first time, whilst measuring up to professional competitor units in terms of accuracy, quality & versatility.

The centralised handle and safety paddle promotes inclusive ergonomic design, ensuring both right & left handed users can operate the product with equal ease and visibility of the work piece. This focus on user interaction enables the 210CMS to stand out against its entry level counterparts in both ergonomics & aesthetics.

Emphasis has been placed on reducing the part count & assembly steps in order to streamline production. Materials & processes are optimised to improve tolerance stack in critical areas and reduce the weight by 10%, whilst further increasing the accuracy of the unit. Reducing the physical footprint of the CMS in relation to previous models has cut down on packing, maximising shipping efficiency, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

All Evolution build saws feature a multipurpose cutting blade suitable for cutting steel, wood and plastics, making them hugely versatile & economical as users only require 1 blade for most jobs.

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