Hollow drilling, especially in concrete, produces a lot of fine dust. The work environment gets dirty and the drill hole needs to be cleaned afterwards, so that dowels will be held firmly in place. The Hilti TE-CD / TE-YD drill system allows dust-free conditions in this field of application. It is designed to achieve the greatest possible efficiency and effectiveness, especially in repetitive drilling applications. This innovative concept combines a hollow drill with a vacuum cleaner in one functional and user-friendly tool: drilling dust is extracted by the vacuum system while drilling is still in progress. The result of this combination, besides a virtually dust-free environment, is a faster drilling and work process. For the user, this means healthier work, without dust exposure. Anchors can be inserted into the hole immediately after the drilling and will hold reliably and firmly in place. The Hilti TE-CD / TE-YD drill system is ergonomically well thought out and ensures fatigue-free working. Its clear design vocabulary with the brand-specific colouring lends it an elegant appeal, while its operation is almost self-explanatory for users. Through design, work conditions in the construction sector have been considerably improved.

A clean solution

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