Bosch presents the world’s first 10.8 volt cordless angle grinder for professionals – the GWS 10,8-76 V-EC Professional. This very easy-to-use tool excels thanks to its high power and its design, which is optimized for cutting. The angle grinder is compact, lightweight and yet highly powerful. This makes it the ideal mobile helper for making quick, short cuts in different materials. With its 76-millimeter disc and a maximum cutting depth of 16 millimeters, it reliably cuts cable ducts, threaded rods and edge strips for tiles, as well as tiles and tile grouts, pipes and even perforated bricks and parquet flooring. Weighing only 900 grams, the GWS 10.8-76 V-EC Professional is very light and shaped to fit naturally in the hand during use. Unlike conventional angle grinders, the disc is not attached horizontally, but rather vertically. Thanks to this ergonomic advantage, it can be guided very easily and in a controlled way, replacing other tools such as the handsaw. A powerful, brushless EC motor delivers high performance, making the compact, lightweight design possible and allowing the user to make quick progress.

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