Fastening screws requires skill and a steady hand because it is not always easy to adjust the direction and speed ideally for each task. Therefore, the design of the Black & Decker Gyro Driver offers an exciting concept of interaction: the battery-powered screwdriver senses the movement of the wrist. It thus allows users to easily control and adjust the motor’s direction and speed. Users simply have to grip the trigger to activate and twist right for forward and twist left for reverse. The motor speed is controlled by the movement in the wrist, so that users can vary the speed by simply rotating the wrist between 0 to 30 degrees. This gyroscopic motion-sensing coordination system makes fastening and unfastening screws an easy task. An LED work light, which provides additional lighting for the work space, lets users work in dark areas or difficult to access corners. This battery-powered screwdriver rests comfortably in the hand, is well-balanced and has a pleasant feel. Intuitive and self-explanatory in use, it allows all screwing movements to be controlled. The Black & Decker Gyro Driver motion sensing screwdriver responds in a highly direct way to the user’s movements. It thus turns into a friendly and also reliable assistant.

Perfect twist

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