Zer0 is the new BLS’s cup shaped line and is designed to offer both maximum protection and maximum comfort. Zer0 series includes only P3 facepieces (EN 149:2001 maximum protection level), but with a breathing resistance lower than a P1. The support is made of a TNT with a special texture of needled fibres which gives elasticity and resistance to the facepiece even after prolonged use under conditions of high humidity or heavy perspiration. The gasket is made of a soft foam coupled with a technical fabric wich provides excellent compression response combined with an elevated user’s comfort. The textile layer is very smooth and pleasant to the touch, absorbs sweat and keeps the skin cool and dry. The innovative protective micronet (external layer) preserves the filtering material from dirt, dust and liquids. This way the filtration efficiency and the product life is prolonged. The micronet is less elastic and more resistant of the filtering material that is thus protected from mechanical stress that could tear or damage it. The ergonomical shape is very easy to wear and fits perfectly on different head forms to ensure an excellent sealing and to protect users from contaminants.

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