FRUM INSIGHT has developed a pictogram representing Hana Financial Group with the purpose of forming a more globalized and friendlier brand identity. The significance of this project is that the pictogram now encompasses a variety of functions, and that a newly developed guidelines enables all affiliates to expand and apply the pictogram continually according to media. The key visual concept of the Union Pictogram is Impossible Figure and Positive & Negative Space. Impossible Figure creates an optical illusion by intercrossing two different viewpoints in a single pictogram, thereby stimulating visual interest in customers and helping them grasp the complexity of financial services in a more symbolical and intuitive light. Positive & Negative Space symbolizes the expandability of financial services by using color contrast on the spaces inside and outside of the major graphic motifs, hereby securing various visual languages that will contribute to expanding the financial service of Hana Financial Group that helps to plan the future of customers on three-dimensional space. FRUM INSIGHT has also established a new formativeness of pictograms that goes beyond style-centered graphics.

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