Haesol Career Preparatory School helps North Korean refugees overcome cultural and identity crisis in their new home of South Korea. This branding project consists of two parts: pro bono works by students, and designs by professional artists. Students from 1-5 Design Lab collaborated with leading instructors to create a collaborative brand identity development process. The identity design for Haesol School was created by 1-1 Company. We opened workshops where North and South Korean students come together to share their similarities and differences. The images represent the “Sun” and “pine trees”. The Sun (taeyang) portrays brightness, and the pine tree (sonamu) is for loyalty and dedication. North and South Koreans are from two nations with vastly different cultures and ideologies. Although they are divided, they see a ray of hope through their commitment to unity. It is our wish that a day will finally come when youngsters from Incheon and Pyongyang, Jeju and Hamheung all play and study together under one roof.

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