JOIN IN THE GAME.“The role of the goalkeeper is evolving – the goalkeeper is becoming an active player, and not just in goal. He’s becoming a goalplayer. GOALPLAY is right there alongside him as a mentor. We motivate and support goalplayers, with high-quality equipment as well as physical and mental training programs.” (Oliver Kahn Founder of GOALPLAY, the Goalplayer’s brand)

IT STARTS WITH A RESOLVE. Playing to nil. Keeping a clean sheet. Above all else. That is the goalplayer’s mission. He’s ready to give his all to achieve it. At every training session, in every match. Being a goalplayer is a question of attitude. No one embodies this better than Oliver Kahn. Even after the final whistle. The goal keeper’s game is constantly evolving. Oliver Kahn founded GOALPLAY to take on this challenge, and to accompany him on his hero’s journey.

TASK: Creation of a strong powerful logo with integration of the Claim-idea.

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