„Geishas & Samurai“ is a project by Sylt’s goldsmith Christoph Freier, which he presented for the first time as part of a matinee on 28.08.2016 in his workshop in Keitum. Solid gold rings and pendants are decorated with historical Japanese motifs or even decorated with original ornaments. For decades Christoph Freier had traced the antique Japanese pieces of the Edo period, wonderful decorations made from Shakudo (an alloy of copper and gold). For geishas and samurai, they were jewellery and lucky charms alike. Since the day he was able to hold one for the first time, the works of the Japanese masters touched and fascinated Christoph Freier. His rings and pendants are a tribute to their art, which he interpreted and revived in his own way after more than 200 years.

The brochure on the exhibition is just as special as the jewellery itself – for this stand the exceptional paper, the Japanese binding in elaborate handwork, the banderole, the sensitive photography and design, the text with a foreword by the writer Yoko Tawada, the winner of the 2016 Kleist Prize.

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