One floor, one price, any color! Perfectly ecological wood for
parquet floors, sustainably manufactured in Sweden, with
customized coloring on site, at an affordable price.
The web portal called “geiler-Schwede” promotes the
sustainably produced, perfectly ecological parquet floors to
a wide audience, offering the products at affordable prices.
The “geiler-Schwede” concept functions according to the
“come together” principle: potential customers use the
“geiler-Schwede” platform to order a large quantity of high
quality parquet floors together as a group.
The purchase volume reduces the price per customer.
The product range consists of two types of oak parquet
flooring: the “Schmaler Schwede” and the “Breiter
Schwede”. Both have been distinguished with the Nature
Plus eco-label.
Our task as an agency was to conceptualize, design and
implement the logo as well as a complete brand appearance
for the “geiler Schwede” brand, along with the web portal.

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