Vacuum Lunch box Features
-Our lunch outer container box features vacuum insulation to keep food hot for hours.
-It’s plastic top cover is detachable and easy to clean.
-Plastic top cover,built-in folding plastic spoon and fork are located.
-Silicone lid has a hole and it is easy to open.

Glass bowl
-Usable in refrigerator, freezer and microwave. Its heat resistance is between -20 and +230
-Eco-friendly glass container is free from BPA, Estrogen, Dioxin, etc
-Strong tempered glass which hardly breaks

Our lunch box is suit for outside activity such as Office, Picnic, Camping, Hiking & Climbing.

Option for bowl material
A. Glass bowl in tempered glass
B. Stainless bowl, can be mixed with glass bowl in a container.

Glass bowl is stored in refrigerator with plastic lid like Glasslock round type.

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