AKS-400P and AKS-400PW

Water Pumps

Both submersible pumps, clear water and dirty water pumps, are powerful and very reliable helper for emptying rain barrels, storage tanks draining, Aquariums and to transport water from other storage systems. The pumps can transport a slightly polluted water up to three mm particles size in case of the clear water pumps and up to 25 mm particles size in case of dirty water pumps with a flow rate of up to 9,000 liters per hour.


1. Pump housing with corrosion resistance fiber glass reinforced Thermoplastic construction.

2. The hose connection is integrated in the plastic housing at the bottom of the pump so that the pump doesn´t lose the balance during operation.

3. The high-grade seal protects the powerful thermal protected motor.

4. It is equipped with a Foldable handle for comfortable transportation and neat storage.

5. The new fluent shape design greatly reduces the volume of the pump.

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