High-end wooden diving board made out of hardwood. Fixed on a stainless steel bracket with 9 woodbolts. The board is handmade and assembled using specific techniques in order to adapt the bend force to the weight of the customer. GBF factors come in 3 degrees light, medium, heavy.
Materials are chosen with the intention to resist different climates and salt water. The boards are waxed or can be finished with a varnish and white Rhine sand mixture, which gives them extra adherence.

It is unique in it’s style and concept, combining vintage looks with recent know how. When designing this first model I’ve questioned children on how a diving board looks like for them. The outcome was astonishing, they are not yet influenced and spoiled so their vision is pure, simple and down to earth. They are the real designers of this board

Since we are very concerned about global warming and climate change we actually deploy CRAFTERSHIP. It’s the combination of craftsmanship and partnership, by which we share our knowledge, make and expertise with local woodworkers in order to make the boards near to the final destination, the customer. Finally the Crate is designed to have a second life too!

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