Typical sprinkler systems waste up to 50 percent of the water they use, and the founders of Rachio wanted to change that by developing a small, WiFi-enabled, wall-mounted controller that makes watering smarter and more efficient. This 2nd generation controller furthers Rachio’s mission of extending the smart home into the yard. It uses half as many parts as the original, eliminates screws and external fasteners, and condenses three PCBs worth of electronics onto one. Reduced assembly costs help keeps production in the U.S. Consolidating connectors into a single array makes multiple watering zones easier to setup and reconfigure. Indicator LEDs integrated into the Rachio logo on the unit’s face reveal at a glance which zones are running. Subtle texture variations incorporated into the front cover convey the concept of „digital rain.“ The device is the first smart sprinkler with direct Amazon Echo and Alexa integration, letting users implement weather delay and zone control commands via their voices. And Rachio is easy on users‘ wallets and on the environment. Since first launching in 2013 the controller has saved 22 billion gallons of water — and counting.

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