Hose reel is movable and adapts to the movements of the user, preventing hose yanking that can tip the machine. With the lock, handle and hose guide, it provides easier reeling in/out.
Telescopic handle is designed to store tools multiple ways: vertical, horizontal or hanging.
Big wheels and high ground clearance for easy transportation over obstacles.
The construction has a low point of gravity and broad touch points for maximum stability, while keeping transportation easy.
Storage for soap bottle and foam cannon in front. The external foam/bottle-system increases flexibility in tasks as well as machine performance by reducing internal resistance. Applying soap as foam reduces soap runaway, increasing effectiveness and visual control.
Handle in front work as protection and support, and can be pulled out for extra stability.
Backside has a handle plus nozzle storage for easy access.
VarioNozzle give easy control of cleaning force by twisting the outer shell. Integrated LED provide work light.
Touch points in contrast color.
All products designed to be manageable with wet gloves.
Twister easy-connect system for convenient swapping between different equipment and jobs.

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