Automatic cover system ACS® is a completely unique patent protected solution from the workshop of USSPA. Currently, there is no comparable alternative to this product worldwide.
The cover is one of the key elements of the standard equipment, which differentiates swim spa from common pools. Thanks to the insulation characteristics of the cover, swim spa can be installed outside and operated all year long. However standard swim spa cover consists of several parts making the manipulation quite demanding for one person. The cover also requires extra storage space when swim spa is in use. The unique automatic cover solves it all.

Automatic cover eliminates any hand manipulation and brings new cover design options. Even a 5,5m long swim spa can be opened or closed just by pressing a button. ACS® works similarly like a roof of a convertible. As it opens, the cover goes down into the shaft along the swim spa, which has its own automatically operated cover to hide and protect the stored cover.
Thanks to the fully integrated mechanism new design materials can be used on the insulating boards including the sheet metal painted in any RAL color. The minimalist design does not interfere with the garden or house architecture, it follows the function.

The new ACS® upgrade brings simplification both in design and mechanism as well as new advanced features including precautions when facing extreme conditions or external failures (such as electricity cutouts etc.). ACS® allows an effective year-round use of swim spa as it insulates from a heat loss and vapor, it saves energy and water, protects the water from UV light and dirt helping to reduce chemistry consumption and making maintenance easier. It even prevents children or pets from drowning.
ACS® Automatic cover has undergone redesign and technical upgrade in 2016/2017, also a new patent application for the new generation of cover lifting mechanisms was placed in 2017.

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