The patio awning markilux 970 integrates itself formally and functionally in the architecture of classic modernism. The extremely slim awning can always be mounted parallel to the wall, below the ceiling or to rafters. At first it extends in a straight line, then the pivoting joint swivels to the desired angle mounted between 5° and 30°. This ensures that rain water runs off the awning cover. The patent-pending mounting system is new, which makes installation and alignment very easy. Retraction and extension is very quiet thanks to the robust folding arms, which are equipped with a special bionic tendon made from high tech fibres and developed by markilux – for optimal power transference and virtually noiseless, friction-free operation of the folding arms. This makes the technology even more robust and even more durable. The front panel and cassette can be chosen in any RAL colour. There is also a wide selection of covers.

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