Roccbox is a portable, compact and lightweight stone bake oven. Roccbox is a rock in a box that produces astounding cooking results. Capable of cooking virtually any type of food, on the move, Roccbox is compact enough to carry, yet large enough to cook a 12 inch pizza in just 90 seconds. Roccbox also enables the baking of breads, cooking of fish, roasting of meats, vegetables, desserts and much, much more. Precisely engineered for incredible cooking results, the Roccbox’s body is comprised of multiple steel layers with a dense, space-age insulated jacket. All encapsulated in a sleek, protective silicone outer sleeve. Roccbox’s insulated internal stone floor is retained in a stainless steel base plate, with anti-warp reinforcement joist, ensuring Roccbox’s durability and longevity. The under-floor thermocouple thermometer monitors temperatures and displays them on an easy to read dial for easy heat control and consistent cooking results.

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