Multifunction Umbrella With this multifunction umbrella we give a new view on the functionality of umbrellas. The umbrella provides a pleasant atmosphere by its lightning, with a good visibility as well during nighttime as daytime. The long life lithium battery is charged by a solar cell on the top of the umbrella. The use of solar energy is environment friendly. Opening and closing can be done automatically by pushing the button on the umbrella or by using the remote control, same goes for operating the lights. In case of insufficient sunshine or indoor use, the battery can be charged by a separate power input. A totally new feature is the possibility to charge any mobile device with solar power of this umbrella. An USB connection cables are included. The power inlet is situated just above the multifunctional table, which provides a safe place to put your equipment on, but also can be used as a party table to stand around and put drinks on. The base is elegant but at the same time it has the appropriate weight and size for safety and stability. It is easy to be moved around by it’s discrete wheels.

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