Jumbrella is a large-size parasol that combines aesthetical features like beautiful designs & materials with patented functionality. It creates an atmosphere, protects against all weather conditions & its waterproof textile membrane is labeled with a UPF50+ sun protection factor. The wind stability guarantees safety up to 88 km/h. The enormous tension of the fabric is achieved through the patented handles with spring clips. Jumbrella features a variety of sizes, combinations & additional equipment such as a stainless steel maritime edition, textile gutters (perfect link between two umbrellas), side panels or soft foam safeguards for Kindergartens. It is possible to equip the parasol with electromechanical systems such as lighting, radiators (which remain in the closed umbrella), speakers, TV & wifi. The parasol is available in a round, square or rectangular shape. The 20 standard sizes of the textile membrane (from 8 m² through 36 m²) are offered in various colors.
Jumbrella is almost fully produced in Germany – sustainable & environmentally friendly. The textile membrane, which is exclusively crafted for Bahama, is processed according to the OEKO-TEX 100 standard, class 1.

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