Soft and light as a ball of wool, YOYO is the extendable water hose that revolutionizes the market of garden hoses with a high quality product under the Made in Italy trademark. YOYO is sturdy and long lasting, compact and lightweight, practical and easy to handle and wind up. Its patented structure prevents the formation of knots and kinks, guaranteeing ease of use and a constant flow of water in all situations. Once connected to the tap, the water flowing through the hose quickly stretches it up to approximately twice its length. After use, YOYO returns to its original size and can easily be stored away even in small spaces. Thanks to these features, YOYO is the multi-purpose hose suitable for a wide range of applications: watering the vegetable patch and garden, on the terrace, washing outdoor furniture, bikes, toys, when camping or on a boat. Entirely developed and manufactured in Italy, YOYO is backed by a series of tests following the protocols drawn up by the German certification body TÜV SUD. The adoption of these tests enables FITT to provide the market a product whose quality and safety is guaranteed by a third-party independent and accredited body.

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