Unbeatable blowing power
More and more home owners—and even professional gardeners—are gradually switching from noisy and polluting petrol tools to cordless outdoor power equipment. Still, there is a certain degree of skepticism on the performance of these environmentally friendly tools. This because the vast majority of cordless designs merely replace the engine with a DC motor. According to Worx designers, this is not the right approach: combustion engines provide the highest torque at around 3,000rpm, while electric motors can easily spin at 10,000 or more rpm. In order to design the most powerful blower, Worx designers have designed a turbine impeller system that is specifically designed to operate at substantially higher rotation rates than a petrol blower fan. The result is an impressive 245 km/k speed velocity and an even more impressive 10.5m3/min air flow. On top of this, the brushless motor provides very high efficiency for extended runtime on a charge.

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