More and more lawns are being mowed by lawn robots, since mowing with hand-held lawnmowers can often be tedious and inconvenient.
The battery mulching mower Mobob® has been designed to make hand-held mowing easy and comfortable. Its low weight, due to the powder-coated aluminum chassis, its ball-bearing front wheels and its rear castor guarantee effortless mowing, even of areas interrupted by flower islands, trees and shrubs.
In addition, Mobob® mows very quietly. Specially balanced industrial DC motors drive knife carriers, each equipped with sharp, interchangeable blades made of stainless steel. The lawn is cut cleanly without destroying its cell structure and remains as a loose mulch on the mown surface. The grass clippings are being recycled back into the lawn in order to provide the soil with sufficient nutrients.
A cost-effective 12-V lead-gel battery is used as the power supply. Depending on the nature of the lawn, one charge allows continuous mowing for up to 2 hours. Lead-gel batteries are easy to recycle. The design of the mulching mower Mobob® also allows easy repair without the need for special tools. This makes it an environmentally friendly and durable product.

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