The grass/bush trimmer is part of a broad product series of more than 10 machines in total which are designed similarly but slightly differentiated in terms of their form:

– elegant, endearing and at the same time a gender-neutral design
– the design is very clear in its entirety and the details are kept simple
– targeted unspecific design for broad marketing
– the design meets the requirements of variability that is as effective as possible to establish
derivates for the OEM sector
– the design conveys a very high product quality and innovation demand
– the form consciously does not emphasise the technical character of the appliances
– the ergonomic dimensioning was well adjusted
– easy to handle and lightweight
– it has been kept small in terms of its dimensions (this has been achieved among other things
by the partial laying open of the gearbox housing)
– very small lithium ion battery for uncomplicated handling/changing/external charging
– two trimming systems that can be replaced very simply/quickly much faster with a
semi-automated latching mechanism, particularly fitted with counter-moving blades for
high smoothness

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