Fiskars SmartFit™ telescopic loppers and headge shears
Telescopic handles are ensuring that gardeners will have the adjustability and right fit they need to cut both high and low.
Fiskars SmartFit™ cutting tools feature sharp and solid blades made of hardened carbon steel with a non stick coating on the upper blade. The telescopic functionality operated by the conveniently placed orange buttons on both of the Fiskars SoftGrip™ inlayed Fiskars FiberComp™ and aluminium handles gives you that extra edge when cutting larger or higher hedges. The anti slippery stoppers at the head of the handles ensure a clean cutting action. The length can be extended even 25 cm to ensure that every twig is cut to perfection both high and low.
The hook head design of the lopper cutting blades also allows easier gripping of branches when making the cut at extended reach.

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