Our team have tried some experimenting exploration of space and introduced new designing philoso-phy to make the space more flexible in order to serve different purposes at different time.
The two-storey building was originally made up of 4 containers (Height: 3m, Width: 3m, Length: 6m each), the internal floor area of which adds up to 72 sq.m. We were required to design this area to make it suitable for 20 people’s working, conferencing, product displaying and living.
Designing Philosophy: “Exchanging time for space”
Based on the flexibility of containers, the limited space can evolve over time different functions catering for living, working and entertaining needs. Besides, the modularity of containers enables people to com-bine their residence and office together within this seemingly mundane space through stretching and adjusting the containers and variable furniture as well.
This multifunctional space are able to switch among three different space models, i.e. open, semi-open and closed model which could perfectly meet people’s needs at different situations, such as throwing a party, dealing with business or enjoying some moments of solitude.

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