The feinstoff Apotheke combines pharmaceuticals and traditional medicine to offer a wealth of diverse therapies. The design of the space is intended to appear accessible to customers, both for modern therapies, as well as for holistic health advice from outside the grid.

A mix of theoretical medicine combined with magical concoctions.

The feinstoff ethos is visible in the design of the space through the interaction of the elements of fire, earth, water and air.

The graphic visualises the universe an the work of past practitioners from the world of healing and medicine.

Open advisory elements create a tangible proximity to customers.

The materials used are also derived from traditional elements: a living planted wall, natural shades of wood and a superb water feature in the middle of a painting. The twittering of birds and a sun created in gold leaf all combine to create the backdrop and consciously introduce emotion into the space.

The modern networked pharmacy, with its interactive over-the-counter medicines and fast drugs dispensing machine, is uncompromisingly impressive. It really is with good reason that the advertising slogan „Made with knowledge and love“.

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