The Iron Guardian Mini is a uniquely-designed device that makes everything about car rides safer, smooth, and more convenient. First and foremost, it’s a charger. Just grab a standard USB cord, and it will charge virtually any device, and charge it up to 86% faster than most standard car chargers,thanks to the Qualcomm 3.0 charging chip that detects the optimum charging current for each device.You can even charge two devices at once.But that’s not all! Using the companion app,you can locate your car via GPS,call for roadside assistance,get live mileage reports on your travels,share your location with friends and family,and even be alerted when your parking meter is about to expire,or your car is due for a tune up.The Iron Guardian Mini even has LEDs built into it,which can also be controlled with the app.Make them change color,or pulse to the beat of your music.To top it off,the patented body design is so durable,and you can even use the retractable tungsten tip as a window-breaker in the event of an emergency. Product Details:Dual USB ports.Case Material:Zinc Alloy Hammerhead.Material:Tungsten Steel.Rated Input:DC12-24V Rated.Output:DC5V 2.4A/4.8A.Certification:MFI, FCC, CE, RoHS.

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