As a DC to AC converter, MiJia’s 100W Inverter Car Charger allows users to quickly charge a laptop, drone, pro camera or any other high-power consumer electronics during their driving trips.
Featuring an innovative cup-shape design, it also represents a bold attempt to package radiator fins and cooling gel internally, instead of fans and exterior ventilation holes. In this way, it creates an integral and sleek appearance with splash-proofness and fits securely in vehicles‘ cup holders.
The inverter comes with a cleverly designed cap, equipped with an AC port and duel USB ports on each side, featuring an ultra-compact design and delivering perfect space-saving solution. These three ports, placed at different dimensions, can be used for charging simultaneously without any interference.
Different from its ordinary bulky and boring counterparts, MiJia’s 100W Inverter Car Charger is portable, sturdy and stylish. Moreover, it is a perfect blend of functionality, ease of use, proper storage option and an appealing appearance.

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